Oregon & SW Washington

Adoption - Collie Rescue

Following the guidelines developed by Oregon Purebred Dog Rescue, Oregon and SW Washington Collie Rescue is a nonprofit, referral organization dedicated to placing unwanted and abandoned collies into new, carefully screened homes. With a few exceptions and by working with other groups, we stay within our own geographical area for practical considerations.

We encourage potential owners to get on our "Approved for Adoption" waiting list (being pre-approved). Potential owners must first ask for an adoption form by phone or by e-mail. Be sure to call or send your name and street address. The form requests information such as why you want the dog, how you plan to care for the dog and what kind of home you will provide. Your application is screened for approval.

The next step is a home visit by a volunteer. We make an effort to be as timely as possible for your sake and the dogs' sakes.

We will review our listings of collies and will refer approved applicants to owners who have dogs which match the applicants descriptions. We also hear about collies at the local shelters and humane societies. If a dog that matches your description turns up in a shelter, we will refer you to that shelter. (You would then also have to be approved for adoption by that shelter and/or humane society and would adopt directly from that shelter or society.) Occasionally a collie is in our direct care.

Original owners who list dogs with Collie Rescue have the final say on placement and potential owners are under no obligation to accept any dog referred by Collie Rescue. We shall do our best to help you find the right dog for you. However, Collie Rescue can not guarantee a successful placement. Adopters should expect to spend time working with us to find the best dog for you and your family. Think of us as canine-oriented matchmakers.

We require that adopted dogs be tested and if appropriate, be on heartworm medication, be ID micro-chipped (no ISOs), and have access to a fenced yard and/or a plan on how you care for dogs, for example, frequent walks. We recommend that collies have plenty of daily exercise, a varied diet of meat, quality kibbles, healthy treats-many dogs love carrots and apples, and frequent brushing.