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Dogs Seeking Homes - Collie Rescue

Dear Collie People,

Oregon Collie Rescue's  pool of available dogs is dry at this time. However, our sister organiaztion, Cascade Collie Rescue,  has  a frequently renewed list of laddies and lassie who need homes. We encourage all interested people to visit Cascade Collie Rescue's  pages and see the details of how to apply. Cascade Collie Rescue's application process is fully online and easy to use. Have fun and may you find a fine collie canine companion

Cascade Collie Rescue
Estacada, OR
(503) 630-6961


Satch was adopted to start the New Year in a loving home. Consider adopting a collie, a very sweet and very smart breed. After all, they were the "wolves" who stayed by the fire and helped humans guard and move the herds. In return, they ask for food, shelter and most importantly, love.