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About Us and Our Supporters - Collie Rescue

Rian, our second rescue dog in Eugene.

Mission Statement

Oregon & SW Washington Collie Rescue, a not for profit group in the state of Oregon, in the process of becoming a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity, aids and refers for adoptions collies in need. Collie Rescue works with owners who release dogs, reaches out to prospective dog seekers and networks with humane societies and animal shelters. We believe every dog deserves a good and loving home. We are committed to Collie Rescue as our contribution to improving our society, to better conditions for all animals and to honor this breed of extraordinary dogs, the collie.

We of Collie Rescue are a group of volunteers in Oregon who want to help the collie when an individual dog finds itself in distress. Our main job is adoption referral. Some dogs are lost, some are abandoned, some are owner relinquished. We do the best we can to reunite dogs with their people, refer dogs for adoption when needed, provide emergency food, veterinary care, rehabilitation and tender loving care, and seek, screen and encourage new owners when they adopt a dog. Collie Rescue needs donations to continue this work. (See Donations section to help with a gift.)We hope to build a statewide network of volunteers who will aid collies in need. We need your help and concern and donations to carry on our work.


We want to thank our following friends for their
generous support in helping the rescued collies:

  • The vets and staff of West Eugene Animal Hospital, especially Dr. Kim Longley, for their extraordinary and successful efforts to save 'Sheila'. They also donated a major percentage of their medical work to Greenhill Humane Society of Eugene.


  • Pacific Veterinary Hospital, Portland , donated at cost services for 'Cheyenne', 'Cassie' and 'Hogan'.


  • Fremont Veterinary Clinic, Portland, donated at cost services for 'Colin'.


  • West By Northwest Online magazine


  • Dr. Devon Trottier, VMD of Veneta, Oregon

We are grateful for such good friends to the COLLIES.

Collie Rescue seeks business sponsors to enable us to do our work. If you are interested in supporting us, let us know. It is a wonderful way to help collies and get better known to people who will appreciate your efforts. Also, your support is tax deductible in the State of Oregon.