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Thank You, Contributors - Collie Rescue

Thank You

"Misty, our dearest friend,you weren't with us long but you gave our lives the light of your presence."

Gifts In Memory of Beloved Collies

Jesse and Sally in memory of Shoeless

Alan and Donna Vores in memory of Misty

Harrick and Maureen Hudson in memory of Laddie, Blackie and Rian

2008 Thanks You!

As a means of appreciation we publicly salute all the people who have helped us through the years.


August 2008: Dr Scherlie, of Northwest Veterinary Specialists of Portland, is an animal opthamologist. He examined Teddy, a young, white-haired, rough-coated collie, looking for a good home, who may have some genetic disorders. His strange and beautiful blue eyes were checked out and Teddy and future guardians have good news: Tedddy's eyes are basically fine. He may be having low night vision but that can be handled with using a leash at night. Good news! Thank you, Dr. Scherlie for your donation of love and time.


Many people have contributed to our work in these last years. We are truly grateful to the following people and many others whose wish to remain anonymous :

Thank you

The Oregon Humane Society for helping Buddy Collie (who has special needs) find a good, permanent home

Lynn and Kim and all the great folks at Clackamas County Dog Services for rescuing with TLC Lost Lassie and Duncan

Dr. Stephen Kochis of Rose City Veterinary Hospital for his extraordinary care of Lost Lassie

Dr. Robert Stewart and Staff of Delta Oaks Veterinary Hospital, Eugene, for TLC and discount for Queen's seed removal operation

Bill Nygren, a long time friend of Collie Rescue, for many wonderful walks and runs and for covering the costs of resident dog Queen's seed removal operations.

Carla G. for helping on the grooming of two resident collies suffering from foreign object sites (a.k.a. barbed and grass seeds burrowing thru thick coats into thin skin)

Kathy and Ryota Sugitani

Janet, Gary and Areana Martin for fostering Bessie Beauty

Dawn Rivard and family

Gwen Morand

Jeff McKinney

Colleen Higgins

The Sheads

Barbara A.