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Alana and Donna Vores with Annie and Gaby and friends. Annie was adopted and Gaby was an adopted retiree from the show ring.

How to Volunteer and Volunteer News

We have had contact with caring collie people networking from all over the West. Thank you all. We all have our stories about how we got involved with Collie Rescue. Often in memory of a wonderful collie friend we found ourselves networking for a lost dog, or helping out at a fundraiser. For some of us, volunteering for Collie Rescue seemed less demanding than Lab Rescue. After all, how many lost "lassies" and "laddies" could there be? We were surprised! Lots.

People move into apartments, get ill, die, divorce, landlords sell property. People leave gates open. Guns and fireworks and other loud noises scare many dog, especially on some holidays. Dogs bolt, get lost. Sometimes they are dognapped. Even collies have been abandoned.

Being a collie is no guarantee of having an easier life than any other poor dog subject to human events and often the whims of affection and convenience. We get calls and e-mail inquires every week about collies in need of new homes. We get calls from shelters and Humane Societies. We need your help.

You can be a volunteer without adopting a dog, really, although many of us got into the animal rescue world through an adoption. One of Collie Rescue's goals is to develop a statewide network of volunteers dedicated to rescuing collies.

Our hope is that people will be able to call or e-mail the volunteer closest to them. To apply, please send an e-mail or letter stating your interest, some details about your experience with animals, and references. If you want to write, send a writing sample. Don't be shy. See what we do with so little talent! We want to know what you can do! Be sure to also send your geographic address (for receiving forms in mail and network planning) and your phone number and the best time to reach you.

For example can you:

Foster care
Network Shelters/Humane Societies
Provide a meeting place
Liaison with dog clubs
Have a booth at animal events
Transport near and far
Work on fundraiser
Write press releases, brochures
Contact business supporters
Screen potential adopters
Phone tree
Vet care
Legal work

Every effort, large and small makes a difference. Consider volunteering today!

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